Fabcoin Core  0.16.2
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SmartVM.cpp File Reference
#include "SmartVM.h"
#include <unordered_map>
#include <thread>
#include <libdevcore/concurrent_queue.h>
#include <libdevcore/Log.h>
#include <libdevcore/Guards.h>
#include "VMFactory.h"
#include "JitVM.h"
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 Adapted from code found on http://stackoverflow.com/questions/180947/base64-decode-snippet-in-c Originally by RenĂ© Nyffenegger.

Variable Documentation

bytes code

Definition at line 45 of file SmartVM.cpp.

h256 codeHash

Definition at line 46 of file SmartVM.cpp.

concurrent_queue<JitTask> m_queue

Definition at line 60 of file SmartVM.cpp.

std::thread m_worker

Definition at line 61 of file SmartVM.cpp.

evm_mode mode

Definition at line 47 of file SmartVM.cpp.