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DES Class Reference

DES block cipher. More...

#include <des.h>

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class  Base
 DES block cipher default operation. More...

Public Types

typedef BlockCipherFinal< ENCRYPTION, BaseEncryption
typedef BlockCipherFinal< DECRYPTION, BaseDecryption
- Public Types inherited from BlockCipherDocumentation
typedef BlockCipher Encryption
 implements the BlockCipher interface More...
typedef BlockCipher Decryption
 implements the BlockCipher interface More...

Static Public Member Functions

static bool CheckKeyParityBits (const byte *key)
 check DES key parity bits More...
static void CorrectKeyParityBits (byte *key)
 correct DES key parity bits More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from DES_Info
CRYPTOPP_STATIC_CONSTEXPR const char * StaticAlgorithmName ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from FixedKeyLength< 8 >
CRYPTOPP_STATIC_CONSTEXPR size_t CRYPTOPP_API StaticGetValidKeyLength (size_t keylength)
 The default key length used by the algorithm provided as a constant. More...

Detailed Description

DES block cipher.

The DES implementation in Crypto++ ignores the parity bits (the least significant bits of each byte) in the key. However you can use CheckKeyParityBits() and CorrectKeyParityBits() to check or correct the parity bits if you wish.

See also
Crypto++ 1.0

Definition at line 43 of file des.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

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Member Function Documentation

bool DES::CheckKeyParityBits ( const byte key)

check DES key parity bits

Definition at line 418 of file des.cpp.

void DES::CorrectKeyParityBits ( byte key)

correct DES key parity bits

Definition at line 426 of file des.cpp.

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