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fasctransaction.h File Reference
#include <libethcore/Transaction.h>
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struct  VersionVM
class  FascTransaction


struct VersionVM __attribute__ ((__packed__))
uint32_t toRaw ()


uint8_t format
uint8_t rootVM
uint8_t vmVersion
uint16_t flagOptions
FascTransaction __attribute__

Function Documentation

struct VersionVM __attribute__ ( (__packed__)  )
uint32_t __attribute__::toRaw ( )

Definition at line 219 of file fasctransaction.h.

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FascTransaction __attribute__
uint16_t flagOptions

Definition at line 215 of file fasctransaction.h.

uint8_t format

Definition at line 208 of file fasctransaction.h.

uint8_t rootVM

Definition at line 209 of file fasctransaction.h.

uint8_t vmVersion

Definition at line 214 of file fasctransaction.h.